Andrew J. MacDonald

I'm a software developer from Sydney, NS, Canada.
Programming has been my passion since a young age, and has been an outlet for my ideas.
Here you'll find some of my favourite projects I've worked on.


BidSquid Online Marketplace

Online marketplace to connect buyers and sellers of agricultural goods

Get Real! Band

A website with a blog, audio player, events and more for my band, Get Real!

Ace Programming Language

A dynamic programming language with a VM, created from scratch in C++.

Vennio Project Manager

A different take on project management.
Focus on the visual components of a project.


Watch videos with others in sync.

Apex3D Game Engine

OpenGL game engine written in C++.
Originally written in C#, as well as Java at one point!

Tangerine Operating System

A 32-bit operating system written in C, created from scratch with my brother.